As a Transaction Coordinator, I take your business and mine very seriously,

and we understand that for you to always have peace of mind

you should have access to your file 24/7.

Enter our added bonus of Google Drive with instant file updates, or if requested,

I will download all executed documents/reports/disclosures into folders via your zipform account. 












As more and more computers are being manufactured without CD slots or readers,

We offer alternatives for you and your clients that more fit their needs and lifestyle.


At close of escrow, we will offer your client three options for a copy of their closed file

                                                   Option #1.   A CD as noted above (This option has been phased out)

                                                   Option #2.   A link via Google Drive that can be downloaded to own computer, or

                                                   Option #3.   A 1GB flash drive


These options give your clients the opportunity to add any other documents

that are pertinent to them regarding the sale or purchase of their home that were not made

available to us. We will gladly add anything if provided to us.

[ i.e. HOA docs, loan documents, escrow documents, etc...]


If you are a broker we also offer the same options as above, however, if you will be providing us

with 20+ files a year, we also offer you an 8GB flash drive that will hold hundreds of files. 

Also allowing you to add other documents to each file, If not already provided to us to add for you.







                     Traditional/Short Sale/REO Transaction                  $450.00 (buyer or seller side only)

                                                (includes 1 PAPER FILE)


                    Traditional/Short Sale/REO Transaction                  $425.00 (buyer or seller side only)

                         (includes link to file, NO PAPER FILE]       


                       New Homes / Vacant Land                                             $395.00  ($425 for Paper file)                                                  

                            Dual Agency Transaction                                   $675.00   

                               (includes 1 PAPER FILE)

                                       *** (same agent only - different agent at same brokerage does not apply)


                           Dual Agency Transaction                                       $650.00

                                               (NO PAPER FILE)                                                      

                                     *** (same agent only - different agent at same brokerage does not apply)

                                 For Sale by Owners (assisting seller only)                     $550.00 (no advertised discounts apply)

                                                                        (assisting both seller & buyer)         $650.00



                             * each additional Flash Drive                               $15.00


                              * each additional paper file                                 $35.00




Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions

and Thank You for considering MORE Services.

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